Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Atlanta was great!

So when I went to Atlanta, it was amazing. Although the food was great and there was lots of it! I got 2 new shirts so I'm not gonna let myself be able to wear them until I lose the few pounds I gained back. The pool in my area just opened and soon I will be going there... in a bikini... with lots of fat.  that cant happen. I have to step up  my game and beat the urges to eat. Its not worth it to eat. To feel disgusting. To be fat.


Friday, May 27, 2011

So I weighed myself this morning and my weight went up... Like that is annoying. Can't eat nothing now. Haven't so far today. Don't plan on it either. I cannot wait till I'm skinny.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I just passed out again... I aint eating no more. I've already eaten like a pig... good thing Im used to blacking out.
Ugh gross, I kept eating. This will not happen again! If I'm passing out, so be it. I'll just have to suck it up, not food.

So I passed out this morning... in my own room... for like 5 seconds. So i had to get something to eat :( I ate like 5 dried prunes cause i had them n my room, then i got 3 morningstar farms chicken nuggets with ketchup so that was about 190 calories not including prunes. ughhh so fat.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Done did it

Well the last three days, I have eaten very little to nothing. The tofu soup I told yu about the other day, then yesterday I didnt eat anything, but drank a hella lot of vanilla soy milk... hey, atleast its healthy! And today I managed not to eat anything with my friend over except and snack sized oreo mcflurry from mcdonalds... my favorite. but at 340 calories, I soooo should not have! My sweet tooth is now gone, and I will make it be gone for about atleast a week or as long as I can do... which better be a while. I am losing losing losing!!!!! This is great... better body is a hell of a lot better than loads of food.  My weight now is....  125... yes! finally reached my short term goal. It's about time haha. how long has it been? Like 2 months?? oh well atleast I'm doing it now. My next short term goal is 120. I would love to be 105-100, but I dont know If I'll be able to keep not eating like I'm doing now, because of my parents and family. I am spending 3 days with my aunt and uncle. My aunt loves to cook! I'll have to refuse food as much as possible. Atleast I get to go to Atlanta though... I think I already told this haha. but anyways I'll be able to walk off some calories.

Speaking of walking off calories, of the 340 I ate from mcdonalds, I ran/walked off 130, then I started getting light headed. Now all I can do is little exercises in my room. I love doing crunches and feeling the burn the next day! I have a subscrition to seventeen magazine and like one of the magazines I got from 200 9or 2010 has an ab workout... It is great... I'm about to try to find them for you, I hope they are as helpful to you as they are me.

This one works upper abs, also her knees are slightly bent and you go uup about as far as her and then down till your shoulder blades touch the floor, then back up. about 20-25 of those

This works lower abs. No ball needed, I dont use one. Again same instructions as above and 20-25 as well.

This one works middle abs, same instructions and amount as above.

This one works obliques, but I do mine without my legs in the air. But i should start doing that cause it would work lower abs more also. And all you do is reach for an invisible rope. again 20-25.

There is also another exercise, but I cant find it so oh well haha. Anyways I think thinspo time?? hell yea...

Stay strong, Think thin, and remember you do not need food.