Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You can say or you can do :)

Just like the title says... I have said and said and said, but now Im doing! One day I ate a whole bag of chips... so tasty... but 1600 calories!!!!!! yes, you read correctly. 1600 calories... then I had the nerve to eat 2 doughnuts!!! and before the chips, i had like 3 cheese sticks, 2 rice cakes, and half a bagel. I was such a fucking pig. The next day I exercised really good. Like running off 350 cal and doing a lot of ab, butt, and cardio exercises from my new ipod touch! :) Then yesterday I didnt eat anything except for some tofu soup that I made. I like it, but I bet no one else would haha. Also 2 prunes. So I'd say yesterday was pretty sucessful.

Today I have a friend coming over. She is my best friend, but she doesnt know half of my secrets. So I'm probably going to have to eat more than I would ever want to now. :(( Also I keep feeling like blacking out. when I stand up, I get all dizzy and my vision gets blurry. This usually happens to me, but I know I should really expect it now since I'm not eating, but any tips on how to stop that?

I got this really cute bikini the other day... I took before pics and I'm gonna take after pics. I'll post them when I get down to 120. I finally broke through the 130 and above mark!!! I weighed in today at 127! Almost to my short term goal of 125. My long term goal is now, 105-100. I cant wait. I can see ribs and my hip bones are really apparent again. I love ana, I will not fail her anymore. She loves me too, since she is helping me accomplish my dreams of being perfectly skinny.

Thinspo :)

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