Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yep, that's my weight ^. I know it's gonna go up since I'm buying food today, but all Incan do is eat as little as possible and make thin happen! I think if I lost about 5 more pounds from now I would be almost perfect! With an extremely flat stomach and a larger thigh gap! I'll get there one day. Anyways I don't have a specific diet, besides a vegan one ^.^ I just try to eat as little as I can. :) I think I can make it to 120 on Wednesday when I start school! I'll post a picture if I do! Speaking of pictures, next post will have thinspo, I promise! I'm on my iPod right now and that is sorta hard to do :/ I hope all is well with you guys :) let me know! I thank everyone for following me and commenting! It let me know I'm not alone. Anyone want to be Ana buddies just email me at :)!

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