Sunday, August 7, 2011


Went shopping. Got some school uniform pants. I hate uniforms! Mine is so strict!
-white undershirt or gray only!
-while polo. has to be tucked into
-khaki pants
-NO HOODIES!! they added this rule this year cause people werent wearing polos under them. ugh! But whatever we can wear to not be so damn cold has to be white, gray, or black.

That's what we wear every fucking day. For 3 years!!!!!

1year down, 2 to go. Shit.

Well I tried on some Hollister khaki pants. 3 longs. The were way too loose! :D Then tried on some 2 Longs from American Eagle. They were kinda loose but still fit and were long enough. Got one pair cause that's all they had :/ I hate being tall!

Any who. On to the food. I got 2 apples, 1 avocado, 1 bell pepper, 1 sweet potato, whole wheat pitas, sourdough bread loaf, vegan turkey, vegan cheese slices, tofu, 3 vegan soy yogurts, hummus, potato samosa, vegan chicken nuggets, frozen tofu pocket thing (sorta like a hot pocket), some pretzel sticks, and vegan soy ice cream, some vegan cookies, and a pack of vegetable sushi. Holy shit I sound like a fat ass! This should last me 3 or so weeks. (At least) I got things convinent to make/ pack for school. I wont eat it at school though, I'll bring it home and eat it as a snack to be able to have energy to do homework. That hurt my hands to type. Homework. Homework. Homework. Now I can't eat.

I had the sushi today and some vegan ice cream. and part of the cookie. I shared with my mom. I should have given it all to her. I ate like 4 luna bars. 3 of them were mini sized though. I also ate an orange and a pack of apples from subway and like 3 teaspoons of chickpeas. So all together I ate around 1300 calories. That is like not enough for the normal person, but I an anorexic and that is a bad binge! I dont think I could eat anything else if I tried.

This morning I weighed like 123 or 122. Now that I've been a pig, I weigh 125, but it'll go back down. I'll make it. I think I am going to fast tomorrow. Who's with me? I think once school gets going I'm going to do a 5 day fast. I will go ahead and schedule it to know not to buy more food! Okay this will happen August 29th and go till September 2nd! Okay I'm excited for this fast! :) I know I can do it!

Okay :) Thinspo time!

This is like the best thigh gap I have ever seen. I WANT NEED it!

I want her body!

And hers! Actually, all of theirs! ^.^

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