Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Aug 6th

Today I was planning on juice fasting, but my mom cooked pasta and I didnt want to give her any reason to think I dont eat, so I made me some. It was a very small amount, but now I'm stuffed. Today my sister said I was so skinny. But thats nothing new. I still weigh about 125 and almost 124. I would love to be 120 by Wednesday when school starts, but I'll just see how everything goes.

Yesterday my glamour magazine came in the mail and today my seventeen magazine! :) I love my magazines lol. Those aren't the only reading I'm doing though. I have to read the damn scarlet letter. It is so boring. I hate it, but it must be done.

I go food shopping tomorrow. I'm excited, but not because of the obvious... food, the enemy. Also I just tried a Luna bar. Its vegan and amazing! I really liked the white chocolate macadamia nut one, but  i only tried 2, so yeah lol definitely getting a few of those. Although they are sorta high in calories. 180 per bar. If I eat them, I'll only eat them, like on a day at school after school, since I never eat breakfast or lunch. I'm excited for school! Less time to eat. Although I wish I had my schedule. :/

Also, if you need some good music that has meaning. Listen to any song by Pink Floyd. Like I have said before, they are my life. Literally lol most of their songs are directly related to my life.

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