Monday, August 8, 2011

The drama never ends.

Okay here are the people in this story, just to make things simpler.
R-guy I text and likes me. In college though.
D-guy I like with the gf.
K-^ the gf. and my ex bff. I have a lot of shit and drama with her.

Okay so R had talking to K quite a bit when me and her were friends for a month or 2 in 9th grade, her and D were dating then too. (There is way to much to explain here!) Well last night I was texting R. I asked him is K had ever sent him any dirty pics. He said she did. He told me what and a lot of stuff she said she'd do with him if she was single. Well I told D, who is not only the guy I like, but a pretty close friend of mine, that she wasnt so loyal and that she did that stuff. D didn't believe me! He said he'd ask K about it later and that I shouldn't be talking to R and stuff. I told him not to change the subject and such, but after like the exchange of 6 txts he never responded. He hasn't texted me today either. :/ Well right before D stopped replying I told him that R had just sent me some messages that I could forward to him and he might believe me. Never responded. Well those txts said how on R's bday K and her friend visited him at work and she made him buy her a PREGNANCY test! (Now at this time aside from all the nervous shaking that was happening I was freaking out! Like OMG!) Well turns out she wasnt really pregnant, but yea and she was all grinding on him that day, while she was still going out with D! Also the nasty shit she wanted to do with R. That bitch is such a slut. Wanting to get fucked in the ass and having it feel so good.... what a whore. She had a BF!

Well I guess thats the end of the story. I couldnt finish the drama because D never texted me back. He has to talk to me sooner or later and he will believe me. Thats when some real drama will start between me him and his gf probably. UGH

If you read/followed any of that then yea that is a big deal to me. The most memorable night this whole summer. School starts Wednesday. I fucking ate today. Fucking food. I swear I gained 10 lbs, I tried running, but my belly piercing wasn't getting along with the running. I can't have that reject. I was angry thinking about how D never responded so I really wanted to run. I'm fasting tomorrow since I didnt today. I'm also going to breakfast (which I wont eat and say it is because there is nothing vegan... love being vegan :)) and to this bowling alley and arcade with my sister her bf and this other college guy that really really likes me. I don't know what to do about him though! I like him, but he wants something more serious then I do since I'm only 15, and I've told him that before, but I dont know. :/ Also today is his bday and I'm seeing him tomorrow. We might kiss? He would be my first kiss if we do. I hope I don't mess that up!

Anyways enough of that. If you again happened to actually read all of that then thank you! :)

Be positive and stay strong! You can lose it. Weight is only temporary. It will come off. We will be skinny!

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  1. haha wow your ex-best friend does sound like a slut! and hopefully everything goes great with the college guy(: also i totally agree weight is just temporary we can all lose it if we try hard enough!(: