Sunday, August 21, 2011

finally, i post again

So I have been losing weight. today and yesterday i have kinda eaten a lot. but im going to quit eating. i need control. I thought i was actually skinny. I have so much to write about! I got some 0 L AE khaki pants and they are loose now. my 3L hollister jeans are becoming loose too. the boot cut ones are really loose though. I ate though. i feel like all that i have lost doesnt even matter though. i ate like 1500 cal. throughout today and yesterday. I cant anymore though. I told my mom not to take me to get food till next weekend. so I have 2 little frozen vegetable things and 2 apples and an avocado.  I'm going to have my avocado tomorrow. maybe fast tuesday and wednesday. I will probably have my apples thursday and friday. I can save my frozen things obviously since they are frozen haha. but yea. i will do this. i love being skinny. I know i can do it. It is possible. I weighed about 121 this morning and probably about 124 now... but itll go down. I'll try and post wednesday to update everthing!

But for now, I will keep blogging. School is great! aside from all the work. AP chemistry sucks! but oh well. I'll get through it. I met this guy, C. He and i have been iming all weekend. He likes me.  lol idk how things will go though. Just gotta wait and see. But me and D are good too. We've established that we are FWB now lol.

Oh and I am doing that skit thingy lol Staying after school tomorrow to practice it. idk if D will be there, since he has football practice, but yea... and our first home football game is Friday and I'm going and probably hanging out with C there. should be fun.

I took some thinspo pics the other day!

I'll be taking more this coming weekend ;)

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  1. You look excellent, I'm truly envious. (: