Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just cant get away.

One of the classes I had changed, turns out I have it with D! I saw him today. I was in my seat and he was standing by his looking at me with a sad face. I just sat there for a second and he didnt move, so I got up and talked to him. I guess we are ok now? we hugged :) I missed his hugs. The only time I usually get hugs is from him. Well. I guess thats all. See how things go tomorrow and the rest of the year in tht class together... well its technically two. but anyways yea. So I'm doing a fast with my friend Brittany :) She has blogs too so you should check them out!

Well we started the fast yesterday afternoon and gonna try and go till Saturday! I've done good so far! Havent eaten anything, or even wanted to eat anything. I just want to be skinny! :) I think I said a while ago I was going to do thinspo, but never did :/ I'll put some up tomorrow afternoon! I'll finally be the weekend! :)

Good luck and stay strong like always! :)


  1. awe thank you for promting my blog for me(: lol an im sure we can last until saturday maybe longer? anyways stay hydrated and strong! also i will be looking forward to your thinspo(:
    xx brittney

  2. Good luck on the fast sarah and brittney