Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another new beginning.

Yes, just like the title says, another new beginning will be happening for me. Sorry I havent posted all last week, but I just kept eating and eating and couldnt stop. Since I want to be vegan I'm going to start today and go until next Saturday being a vegan (the only time I'll eat eggs, milk, cheese, or butter, etc. will be when I have to make some food for my spanish class.) But besides that no dairy products at all.

I already made my first vegan snack meal thingy this morning. It was tofurkey, the hickory smoked kind, which is vegan, that was wrapped around 2 thin slices of green bell pepper. It was pretty tasty :) and then I had an apple pear. Hopefully that will be all I eat today, but I cant make any promises, but if I do eat at least it'll be healthy!

I plan to at least weigh 125 by next Saturday. I can never reach my 125 goal, but I will make it happen this time!

I really want to go shopping and get all these cute clothes. I think I get to go next Saturday or Sunday, so I hope to be thinnish enough to fit into more things with a smaller size. I also <3 shoes. I really like heels, but since I'm 5'10 I feel very awkward and self conscience in heels... hell even without heels. But what do yoiu think? Can tall girls wear heels?

School is out in about 2 weeks, so that means SUMMER!! And a lot of fat and skin showing! Motivation!! I want that bikini body!!

So I really want to run on my tread mill, but I HATE bugs and the other day I went in my basement, where my treadmill is, and there was a huge fucking centipede down there!!! It is still down there and idk where, so I refuse to go down there alone! So crunches will be a must for me and whatever else I can do in my room. Maybe I can make my mother takes us up to a track to walk and run!

How are you doing? What is your weight? Are you ready for summer?

Thinspo :)

BTW, what do ya'll think about rompers? I'm thinking about getting one.

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