Friday, April 29, 2011

Going alright

This week has been pretty crazy! Got out of school early on wednesday due to weather and tornadoes then got off the rest of the week and dont go back until Monday! Can you say exercise time?? Yesterday my mom made pizza! I always eat half the pizza... I still at half the pizza this time, but I read the calories.... I was suprised, only 360 for half the whole pizza! Well not like I'm celebrating or anything, but that is all the food I ate and I did burn 360 calories on my treadmill that day.

I have eaten carrots today. Idk how many calories, but it said on serving equal 35 calories and I didnt really eat but like 10 small baby carrots so idk. But yea... At 11:20 I told myself I have to burn 200 calories by 12 o'clock. And I did! So so far I have burned more than I have eaten and I'm going to try to do that everyday. 10 minutes for me on the treadmill = about 120 calories down... if I run most the time. Not too bad at all. Hopefully I have energy for it though, that will be the hardest part.

I have EOC's for school next week. not looking forward to them. I have big spanish projects I need to do, but I cant really work on them. I'm liking the way the upper half of my body is looking... like from waist up. My arms are small and so is like almost to where my ribs end, but below that is fatcity!! How are you coming along? Are you loosing any weight? If you had to choose one thing, what would be your best bodily feature?

Reverse thinspo!!

That was on a blog.... and she thought she looked amazing! Yuck. Wanna eat?? thought not. Especially the bikini and underwear pics.... well all of them actually!

Thinspo!! :)

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