Monday, April 25, 2011

I dont know why, but I gave in and ate a chewy dips bar (140). I'm really having to work at not eating the other one I have. I will have self control and not eat it! I haven't eaten anything else though... I also burned 200 calories on my treadmill. I weighed myself and was glad the number went down... I just had to weigh. I had to know. I'm not gonna share the number though because I want to keep losing.

I have had a boring, tired day. Taking a nap really does help not be hungry. For me anyways.

Got my speech out of the way and forgot the end... embarrassing! I hate school. My stomach growled! It was silent in the classroom too! I wasnt hungry so idk why it did. But I sit by two of my crushes and one of them looked around haha. Hopefully he didnt think it was me.

Anyways here is some thinspo!

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