Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Got out of school early today thanks to academic awards! I have not eaten today and today was the first day I was gonna fast until Friday, but my mother is cooking tonight and I hope I can get out of not eating.... tasty spaghetti will be hard to pass up! Im starting to get hungry, but I''l just fill my belly with water and focus on getting skinny.

My weight is now still wayyy higher than it should be. Hopefully I will be able to lose a few pounds not eating this week.
When you fast, how long do you fast and about how much weight do you lose?

This week and last week have all be a little different. Things have been happening like at school and such that haven't happened before. Maybe life will start to get better, maybe people wont see me as such an outcast, and maybe I'll get closer to being perfect.


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