Friday, April 15, 2011

An Alright Day

So today was not too bad at all, besides the fact I ate 2 cinnamon rolls... ugh. I also had an orange. I will not eat anything else today. Just water... all i need is water.
My mom and I went to the store yesterday and I got blackberries, which i think are kinda gross, asian apple pear things <3, and oranges. I ate and apple pear yesterday and now I have one left, and since i ate an orange today I also only have one of those left, and a bunch of nasty blackberries. Anyways I plan to make that fruit last and be the only thing I eat until next weekend. I hope my mom doesnt cook dinner again!

Well today was pretty good. I got to see someone twice today :). Also I had an awkward moment with this guy I like. I was going into the class and he was coming out and with the way the door and room is i almost ran into him. Pretty awkward haha.

Anyways my weight today... not even gonna look cause I know I'll be dissapointed.
Well off to go do crunches and squats!

Thinspo :)


  1. i love pear apples. try cutting them up into lots of small pieces, then eat them throughout the day or the weekend. you can't make them last forever since they're huge! and only 51 calories. keep working hard girlie, you'll get there :)

  2. Thanks! thats a good idea. I usually dont cut up my food, just eat it whole, but that would definitely cut back on a lot of the food i eat!