Saturday, April 23, 2011


Well since this morning I weighed myself and the scale said 125 I went and fucking ate.....
I ate a cookie(60)... then a morningstar farms corn dog(150) with lots of ketchup(prob. 30 idk)... definitely shouldve stopped there, but I looked in the freezer and there was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I just had to have it... There was like 4 5th of it left and I ate all of it(98379857987298)!! Now I feel like shit. I always encourage people to make their own mistakes and learn from themselves, but this time PLEASE learn from my mistake. That ice cream was not worth it at all. I shoulve eaten an orange instead and been through. But you cant go back in time so you have to try to do what you can to fix the mistake.

I laid out a bit today like maybe 30 minutes or just a bit less and when I got up and went to the door I almost blacked out. I get dizzy and lose my sight for a few seconds pretty frequently and it hadnt happened for a few weeks now, but it did again today. I hope will stay on track now and hopefully that will happen more often from lack of food. Gotta drink more water though.

Anyways, after I laid out I came inside and rested a few minutes then went on my treadmill. burned 270 calories!    I will burn some more later, but I needed a break. When I go back on my treadmill again I plan to burn atleast 130 calories so that would equal a total of 300 burned today. I will update later.

Since I binged on ice cream today I'm making a list of 5 item to not eat at all... ever.
1) ice cream
2) cookies
3) chips
4) candy and candy bars
5) snack cakes

Make yourself a list to help you stay on track!

Thinspo :) I was thinking of thinspo when I was running... it really helped to keep me going!

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