Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's now official.

I have officially announced to the world via Facebook and spoken communication that I am a vegan :)! I love this. I just weighed myself and it was 124 or 123 I couldn't really tell, but my stomach is flattening and Im glad I actually started doing what I said I was going to.

Now that I'm vegan, I can't have any animal products. No honey, milk, eggs, cheese, butter. None of that and lots of other stuff. I have been doing my research and found out a lot that I can't eat. I do this strictly, some vegans and vegetarians are that, just loosly like they may eat fish or meat every now and again.... Umm no, sorry but u are not a vegetarian if u do that. So yea, I love it and it keeps me away from a lot of food. Like most that I usually would go to to eat, I can't anymore :)

Well just an update. And I can't sleep... Ugh. I'm gonna try though! Stop eating and stay strong! :)

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