Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pool tomorrrow

So I failed. Ate like fucking pig!! but i have to go to the pool tomorrow.... I gained back what i lost plus 5 lbs!!! This is a major wake up call. I cant be fat. I cant eat. I have been exercising as much as possible tonight and I will stay on Ana track from now on. I made up a little list thingy to do until tuesday. I would love to be 125 again by then, but that is not possible, so as much as I can lose by then will do. I wont eat until then. no matter what. Also until monday I plan to run until i burn atleast 300 calories. then do crunches and lay out which laying out has nothing to do with ana, but whatever haha.

So yeah I look fat!!! Most of it is probably bloat, but even when i suck it all in... there is still a huge fat pouch! By the next time after this first time this summer I go swimming I will be at most 125. I will make it happen. I wont be a failure again and eat.


I will look like these girls one day. and when that day comes I will be the thinspiration <3

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