Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1... seriously

I dont know what is wrong with me. Since the last post I have been eating and eating and eating. I am going on vacation in 5 days. I am doing a 5 day fast. We are going to a water park and I can not be this fat.

I ate this morning and forced myself on the scale.... terrifyingly high numbers. I will not let this happen again. A new month is beginning and I will not let the failures of my past stop me this time.

I read a quote last night online... "You can be as skinny as you want. There are no restrictions." I will live my life by this now.

I will keep updating you on my 5 day journey. No matter what I will not eat.

I have not done anything exciting since last I wrote besides getting my industrial and tragus piercing. <3 in love with them.

Now time for some much needed thinspiration.

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