Monday, June 6, 2011

Love this

I haven't really eaten besides some blueberries and raspberries such as I said yesterday, but I feel so good not having all that fattening food in me. Usually all I can do is 3 days of not really eating, but this just feels so good I'm gonna go as long as I can or until I'm down to 120. And again I did what I said I wasn't going to do. I weighed myself, but that number is not going to get to my head. When I look in the mirror the results that I want are not there. And really the scale number dosnt matter, it is what you look like that counts and if you look like a big bucket of fat then you know you need to stop stuffing fat lardy food into your fat ass mouth and lose weight. Anyways that is my plan. This one guy that I am in love with since last year messages me and said we should hang soon. We are friends... With one way benefits haha. He gets the benefits All I get is being able to have the pleasure of watching him go out with this skinny ass big boobed mother fucking slut. Anyways I was her BFF in 6th and 7th and part of 8th grade till she became a stuck up controlling bitch. Anyways and they started going out in 9th grade and until now the summer of 10th grade. Well he started talking to me the second semester of 9th grade when he started going out with that slut. I got to know him and have been in love with him since then. The point is that he said we should hang soon again... since we had already talked about it and having some fun ;) haha but yea and I was happy about that:). Although I want to look good for him so I really need to lose this belly. Do you have any stories similar to mine? Do you think I'm being a slut? If so there is a lot more to the story, but yea. I hope you are losing weight too and any questions or if you just want to talk please email me :)

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