Tuesday, June 7, 2011

progress makes it all worth while

Yesterday I wanted to eat, not necessarily because I was  hungry, but just because I wanted to taste something. So I remember something that I read a while ago that if you want to eat, get something and chew then spit it back out. I did that with one chocolate rice cake. It felt good to resist actually eating. I did not eat yesterday.

Today I'm going to the movies with my sister. Gonna wear some tight short shorts today and hope they are a bit looser than when I got them. I weighed myself this morning and I was 125. I'm not gonna eat again until I'm 120. I will drink though. I drank some orange juice this morning because I was feeling light headed and that is supposed to help. I took some pictures yesterday and there is two that I really like. I hope I can be thinspiration for you :)

I'll post before and after pictures when I get down to the after I want. But heres some more thinspo :) Stay strong and know that it is achievable! 

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