Saturday, June 4, 2011

One day of many

So yesterday I ate. I was not planning on it, but swimming made me really hungry. I got a bit of a sunburn... or a lot, but oh well. While I was swimming, I was with this guy that really really likes me, but I'm not completely sure if I like him THAT much. Anyways it was kinda fun and afterwards I texted him and he say I looked amazing in my bathing suit. lol and I obviously didnt think so, but maybe after I lose 10 pounds.

Today I stayed on track and didnt eat, although I didnt exercise like I was planning either. As long as I didnt eat though.

Like a week ago I went to starbucks for basically the first time and got a white chocolate mocha. Mmmmmmmm that was heaven. I became addicted. I also started drinking the starbucks vanilla frappacinos from the gas stations and it is delicious! I know they are high in calories, but if thats all I consume when I have them and eat nothing else then I dont feel so guilty for having them.

Well I was looking at thinspo today and then I started to take some before pics. I was in my underwear and I started to look at more thinspo and while I was sitting there I just felt my stomach. It is soo gross and flabby. Trust me, the best reverse thinspo is yourself! It is definitely motivation to stay on track.

I plan to go atleast 5 days of fasting. Hopefully go more, but I'll see when I get there.

How are you doing? Have you been losing weight? Whats the longest fast you have done?


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