Monday, July 25, 2011

The break through.

Today I am starting a 3-5 day fast. Mostly water and tea and if I do eat, then it'll be under 100-50 calories. I am starting the fast at 124. My lowest weight since I've been weighing myself. I've been there once before early this summer and finally lost weight again.Anyways I hope to be 115 by next Tuesday. I am getting my belly button pierced then and I don't want to lift up my shirt and be all fat.

I got 2 pairs of Hollister jeans yesterday. both 3 longs. They are just slightly too tight, but I can definitely still fit in them. I hope after I lose weight they arent baggy :/ they are soo cute!:) and only $48 for both! How crazy is that?? One was on clearance and the other $40. plus I had a coupon... love me some coupons :)

Anyways! How are you doing? Done any fasts lately or lost weight? I havent. This will be my first fast in a long time. If I actually follow through with it then it'll be my first one since last fall when I didnt eat for 3 days because there was a possibility that I might be doing stuff with this guy. Too bad that didnt happen though.

Well school, for me, is right around the corner. I start the 10th of August! I'm so not looking forward to wearing dress code. It is the most ridiculous dress code ever!! I can only wear a white polo, tucked into khaki pants, with a belt. No hoodies. And whatever over thing I wear it has to be black, gray, or white. I have to do this for 3 years! 1 down... 2 to go. Ugh. I have had a dress code like this since 6th grade. It sucks.

Hopefully though people will be able to tell I've lost weight!

Stay strong everyone! It is possible. I will post pics of myself when I get my piercing. I hope to be a great thinspiration for you! :)

In the meantime, these girls will have to do :)

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