Friday, July 8, 2011

Okay, so while on vacation I managed to get down to 125. Before I try to lose more (which always seems to fail for me) I'm going to see if I can maintain it for a few days. So about Monday I'll be losing again.

While on vacation I went on this ride called the skyscraper. It was pretty cool. Until it stopped at the top and started rocking wayyy too much!
Here is a picture of it... kinda bad, but you get the idea.

Anyways next weekend I'm going shopping. I went like last week with little money, so there was these jeans at holister I wanted to try on. I got a size 3 long. I tried them on and they were a little tight. Im going to buy them when I go shopping again because they are super cute and good motivation to lose weight to fit into them if need be! Also there was this super chic dress at forever 21 that I tried on and loved! I dont know why I didnt buy it, but I should have. I want to get it next time too. Its a tight body hugging dress so I have to be in shape to wear it!

My aunt got me this vegan cookbook. As an early birthday present. My birthday is mid September.... Yea so I wrote down some recipes and when my mom takes me food shopping I'm going to get only what I need for a recipe of two and split what I make into small servings and eat that throughtout the course of a week or so. 

I sent this guy a picture of my in my new yellow polka dot bikini I got on vacation and his response was "Dayum.."       He liked it ;). But I still think I'm fat. I did a lot of sucking in in that picture though! haha

Motivation! Thinspo:) (inspired by the life of a 70's groupie... which I wish I had.)

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