Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So I went to the store... Got stuff. Gonna make it last 2 weeks or so. I didnt get too much, but for an anorexic I got a damn feast for a week! I kinda ate a lot tonight. I will work it off tomorrow though.

So the juicy part... the OMG!!! part... I was texting that guy I like, that I have mentioned before and who has a gf. Okay so he was gonna meet me around my neighborhood tonight before he went to football practice. I was at the store when we started making plans and when I finally got home, I started getting ready! Shaving, cleaning,  primping, whatever I could think of to be perfect. We were going to have sex. I wanted everything to be right. Then I went on a "walk". ;) I knew what time he left and what time his practice started. He left late. I was walking and kept being where I told him to go. Then... it was kinda really late. Meaning his practice was about to start. I kept walking until when his practice started and went home. He had probably gone on to practice... figures. I should have expected that. Anytime we try to get together in secret it always fails. But it would have been amazing to be able to see him. :( He'll probably text me later and I'll fill ya'll in on how that was. I really wanted to see him though   :(((((

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