Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For the most part I was able to maintain 125. I went to 126 though yesterday and now I'm trying to lose again.
I cut myself yesterday... probably not the best idea during summer... in bikinis... when I could possibly be getting my belly button pierced soon. (Incase you dont know, I cut my stomach instead of my wrists or arms because thats too noticable on me.)
Well yea.... and I'm gonna try to. when I do eat, to mostly eat fresh fruits and vegetables because I do need to be healthier... when I eat.  lol anyways I feel kinda happy right now for some reason. I dont know why.

I did say that my aunt got me a cook book right? well I tried 2 recipes so far. One I LOVE! Its for this Thai inspired coconut soup. Its pretty simple to make and I'm going to make some more today. I plan on making it last until next week some time. If you want the recipe then leave a comment then I'll post it.

Anyways enough about food. Ugh... okay food. I just made some steamed brussel sprouts and sometimes when I eat, I just chew and spit it out... well I did that for most of these little fellows. I feel so full and idk why.  I only swallowed like 3 of them. Oh well thats good though lol.

So like I said before, I may be getting my belly button pierced soon! Definitely motivation to keep losing weight... fat people with a belly ring... just gross. I do not want to be one of them. I will not be one of them.

Belly button piercing thinspo and reverse thinspo?? I think so :)

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